Building Family & Community | Pursuit Series Ep5

Had Jaclyn Tacoronte not started her own business, she would have never discovered the family secret behind her true heritage.

Raised by a single mother in Texas, Jaclyn Tacoronte worked just about every imaginable job to pay for her education and get herself to New York City. There, she climbed up the ladder in Marketing & PR, eventually becoming the Director of Marketing at a historical Smithsonian affiliate.

While she had a nice title and a comfortable job, she found herself working up to 80 hours a week without a sense of purpose. When she became pregnant with her first child, that’s when she knew she had to step back.

Armed with twenty years of experience and thousands of press contacts, Jaclyn set out on her own to start JMT Media – built on her passion for helping communities and non-profits, and centered around family.

Little did she know just how much she would learn and grow as an entrepreneur, as a mother, and as a mentor for women and minorities.

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