When to Jump | Pursuit Series Ep4

Mike Lewis had a secure job in finance, but couldn’t get rid of this little voice reminding him of a dream he had as a child – to play squash professionally across the world.

He began examining his life on a deeper level while also looking for examples and inspiration from other stories of people who took a “jump”. He found himself repeatedly asking the question “How did you know when it was time to jump?”. From collecting story after story, he learned it was never a big grand leap, but more so a planned approach individual’s took towards finally making a “jump” in a different direction.

With those learnings, he began planning his own “jump”. He started training more, found experts, saved money, pitched sponsors, and more, to really prepare for this next journey.

During all of this, he continued collecting stories and began envisioning a community called When To Jump, where people could collectively inspire each other through their stories to make changes in their lives.

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