Off the Meds and Reviving Relationships | CrossFit

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CrossFit HQ enlisted the help of our team to tell the story of Dan Krogstad in Minnesota. Dan Krogstad walked into EHP CrossFit at the age of 41 after struggling with alcohol, addiction, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, depression and anxiety for most of his life. He had been hospitalized for severe depression and received over 30 electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatments. During his lengthy hospitalization periods, he had to sell his farm and nearly lost his wife and kids. To say that the EHP CrossFit community changed his life is an understatement. While there came the physical changes, the biggest change in Dan was his mental, psychological, and physiological health. He was able to rebuild his relationship with his family, while also finding a second family at EHP. Our team handled A to Z from pre-production planning and travel, all the way through post-production editing. We spent an incredible 3 days with Dan and his family in Moorhead/Fargo.